Keno Strategy

Keno is played nowadays at most modern casinos. It’s a bit like a lottery and a bit like bingo; a huge glass “bubble” is filled with balls that are marked with the numbers 1 to 80. Air is blown into the glass bubble and the balls bounce around, mixing them up. Then balls are lifted one by one into a tube shaped like a ‘V’. These are called “rabbit ears”. Twenty balls in all are drawn, recorded, and then a computer works out all of the wagers based on the numbers that have been drawn.

Betting on Keno

Players make their wagers by marking blank keno ticket forms with the figure “S”. Blank keno ticket forms have 80 numbered selection forms to match the 80 balls in the glass bubble. The player chooses 15 numbers, and 20 balls are drawn from the bubble. Then the player wins money based on how many numbers that were drawn from the bubble match the numbers marked on his keno card.

There are different pay scale choices in each casino — these are called paytables. No two keno paytables from two different casinos are identical. But even with these differences, people devote a lot of time to trying to find the best keno strategy.

The Multi Card Keno Strategy

It seems that one of the most desirable strategies to use is a multi card keno strategy. These can be for any number of cards, but most players use a 4 card keno strategy, an 8 card keno strategy, or a 20 card keno strategy. Multi card strategies make sure that you play a few sessions in one go, which gives you a greater chance at your numbers coming up.

Some players will mark their numbers in patterns that cover the whole board — this means that your numbers will come up every time. Others try to create overlapping groups, believing that the numbers will land in uneven groups or strange patterns rather than landing in perfect patterns or symmetrically.

Four Card Keno Strategy

There are an almost infinite number of different patterns and strategies to try even if you’re just using four cards. Any four card keno strategy will involve deciding where it is best to mark your numbers. This could mean overlapping the numbers in groups, or playing the four corners.

Keep experimenting and trying the strategies that other players are using (you can find plenty examples on the internet) and eventually you’ll find a winning keno strategy that works for you. You don’t even have to go to a casino to practice, as there are many different websites that will allow you to play keno either online or download a program so that you can play it on your computer. There are also many different forums and discussions online about different keno strategies.

It would be a good idea to practice online, testing out any of the strategies you have and talking about them with others. That way before you leave and start betting real money, you’ll be well in practice and have an idea of what works.

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